About us

The teachers

We are an enthusiastic team and work hard at fostering a community where both children and families are welcome and a part of school life.

For under 3’s we have 1 member of staff to 4 children. For rising 3-5’s we have 1 member of staff to 8 children and a nursery assistant when appropriate. Qualifications: We have 5 full-time staff. Qualifications include NVQ 2, 3 and 4, Montessori Diploma, QTS and Early Years Proffessional Status.

Miss Su

(NNEB,RSH,NVQ4) Principal and owner

Started Zebedee in 1982, lives in Fulham with Myrtle the dog, who comes to the nursery school!

Miss Stefi

(Mont dip) Deputy head

She has been at Zebedee since 2000 and is Dolphin's teacher. She has family in Italy, where she spends her Summers.

Miss Mavis

(NVQ3) Seahorse teacher

She has been at Zebedee since 2009, she has had 2 children and keeps coming back! She has family in Ghana.

Miss Naa Odey

(NNEB) Nursery assistant

She has been at Zebedee since 2008 she has also had 2 children and keeps coming back! She has family in Ghana.

Miss Yagi

(EYPS) She teaches the Turtles

She started at Zebedee in 2014 and has recently had a little girl.

Miss Catherine


She was a pupil in Zebedee and has been working at Zebedee since 2008.

Miss Kate

(NVQ3) Level 3 in Special Educational needs

Miss Kate was a pupil at Zebedee and has been working on the Starfish table since 2014, she loves travelling!


(PAT dog) has been at Zebedee since 2012

She is gentle and playful, she is good with unsettled children, helps children who are frightened of dogs to conquer their fear and she keeps us all smiling!

Our Christian Foundation

As Christian teachers we are sure of God’s love and acceptance for every child and we try to show each child this as we relate to them.

One of our primary aims is that the children should always be encouraged in everything they do, and should thrive in an atmosphere of love and belief in their abilities.


Building confidence through love and firmness

We aim to build confidence in each child believing them to be extremely precious to God. When disciplining the children within the nursery school, we combine love and firmness. We want them to be secure in the boundaries set for them, and we encourage them to respect, care for and be kind to each other.


What children learn

They learn to share and take turns. We teach the children about God and Jesus Christ, using stories relating to a variety of themes from the Bible throughout the term.

The sessions are creative and the topics are made applicable to the children’s lives. There is a notice board in the school that gives details of the theme each week. We pray with the children and sing songs together.

Parental Involvement in the School

We work closely with families

Our intention is to work with families as closely as possible; we love to include and involve parents in the school and its activities, believing that education in the pre-school is an extension of learning at home.

Mothers are invited termly to a coffee morning to meet other mothers from their child’s group.


Support children’s learning from home 

We encourage support from home with the children’s learning; each child has a folder where we put work appropriate to their age and ability, and a comment book for parents to write in. At the end of term the children put on a small show for the parents, for example, a Nativity Play, a poetry recital or a dancing display.


Key activities to share experiences of parenting and education 

We arrange a school trip for adults and children and we usually have a talk for parents once a term about some aspect of parenting, education or a related subject.

In the Summer we have a Sports Day for all the family, and a Parents’ Evening. In the Easter Term we have a Puppet Show and an Easter bonnet competition. We aim to have a Parents’ Committee which offers support for the school and helps with fund-raising.