Our nurseries

How we help your child

We follow the EYFS curriculum, which establishes the prime and specific areas of that lay the foundations of development. We ensure your child is supported in the key characteristics of effective learning at such a critical time.

Children learn to engage with other people and their environment by playing, exploring, active learning and thinking critically.

Personal, social, emotional and spiritual development

We encourage independence, confidence and self-respect. Children work together in a loving and caring environment.

We teach the children to value each other and we expect the children to treat each other with respect and sensitivity.

We have a strong moral thread due to our Christian foundation and we teach the difference between right and wrong, basing our teaching on the choices we have to make.

The children are taught about creation and all aspects of the natural world; they are encouraged to use their imagination, to identify feelings such as love, wonder, forgiveness and sorrow, and to show concern for the environment.


Children are taught to listen and talk about everyday situations.

We read stories, rhymes and poems, sing songs and involve the children in role play.

We provide experience that help the children follow instructions, and ask and answer simple questions.We support children with English as an additional language.

Physical development

Children are encouraged to move around with control and co-ordination.

We have use of a garden outside St Dionis Church, (the children are taken there safely between two ropes), we have dancing fortnightly and a twice-weekly physical activity programme as well.

This includes exercises such as throwing, balancing and catching. We have a special physical play day once a fortnight.

We encourage hand-eye co-ordination, and we give opportunities for pencil control practice from 2 years old, teaching them how to hold a pencil correctly through activities such as drawing, colouring, tracing and stencils.

Children will be writing their names and copying sentences when they leave, as well as having a go at creating their own writing, e.g. menus, lists etc.

Specific areas

The specific areas include essential skills and knowledge for children to participate successfully in society.

We try and understand and observe each child's unique development and learning patterns and asses progress for their next steps.

We offer stimulating resources and themes relevant to their culture and communities.We have rich learning opportunities through interesting topic ,play and playful teaching. We have high expectations for our children and want to send them on to school very well prepared, with a love for learning.

Children develop in different ways and at different paces.We educate and care for all children including children with special educational needs and liabilities.

We believe that children are our worlds most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.


We introduce children to the phonetic alphabet using letterland.

We work systematically through the alphabet focusing on a 'letter of the week'.

The children have the opportunity to write, word build and read once they are ready.

They have book bags which are taken home with relevant work to do at home.


We promote the learning of shapes, colours, size and quantity.

The children are taught to sort, match and count, and recognise and use numbers at least up to 10.

Most will know 1-20 by the end of their time with us.

We start addition and subtraction; we use number games and rhymes to reinforce learning.

Understanding the world

Children learn about where they live and their environment.

We have a Topic Table with a different topic each week and children are encouraged to bring in relevant items from home.

The topics are very varied and include different countries, basic scientific concepts and some history; we have school trips and visits coordinating with the topics.

We also introduce simple technology by playing with magnets, mirrors, scales, calculators etc. There is an optional computer course that runs each term.

Expresive art and design

We put a strong emphasis on creative activities.

The children have an art session every day, and they are able to do free art activities each day as well.

We have facilities for a lot of creative play i.e. sand, water, playdough, rice, cold water paste, model-making.

We have two school computers the children can use, as well as an interactive board and a number of iPads. There is a music class one day a week.

The children have access to free art activities daily, where they can create and use their imagination without the teachers input.


Record keeping

We use an online learning journey called Tapestry, all the children's observations are recorded, and a notification will be sent to the parent. There will also be special events, termly reports and two year old checks and work the children have done will al be recorded on Tapestry. At the end of the child's term with us, we will down all the documentation onto a USB stick, and this can be printed into a lovely book which can be kept for ever.

There are always teachers around to discuss any problems. We have a great emphasis on family and want to work with parents as much as we can. We would hope parents can approach us at any time; the head teacher and deputy are available for appointments.


In London, we have shared use of a large bright church hall where we are able to display artwork, mobiles etc. We have a wide selection of educational, constructive, creative, and imaginative play equipment.

In Tetbury, we have the use of a converted stable. A beautiful gated estate. The nursery school is surrounded by countryside and gives the children rural experiences as well as having space for ‘Forest adventures’.


We have policies on health and safety, equal opportunities, special needs, discipline and complaints procedures, which may be looked at on request. An inspection report is also available.

The Zebedee Nursery School does not discriminate against race, creed, culture or sex. We have a very high regard for every individual child whatever their background, and aim to provide a high quality service for the children in our care.

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