At Zebedee we want to create a happy, stimulating and inclusive environment in which the children can flourish and develop at their own pace and in their unique way, both socially and academically. We work hard at fostering a community where both children and families are welcome and a part of school life. As a Christian school there is a moral thread that runs throughout the day, teaching the children to respect and treat each other with kindness, consideration and affirmation.
Families are always welcome at Zebedee and are included in everything we do at school. Parents are their child’s first teacher and will continue to be long after we are forgotten! It is vital at this young age that we work together with parents on every level as our committed and motivated staff educates and nurtures these little people.
We offer a wide curriculum and hope to instil a love for learning in these early years, as well as helping to develop creativity and imagination. We provide a wide range of play equipment, believing that this play is a vital part of a child's development, as well as achieving excellent academic standards.
We hope you enjoy our website, please do come and visit us.


Su Gahan - NNEB RSH

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