What the Children Say
"Jonty is showing the children a Cheetah, the teacher asks what is special about a Cheetah 'it cheats '"

"I like dressing up and playing on the computer, I like staying for packed lunch so I don't have to have lunch at home!" Alexandra aged 4

"I like seeing all my friends and teachers" Gabriella aged 4

"I like staying for packed lunch and seeing all my friends"
Jemima age 4

"I loved going to Zebedee!"
Milo aged 5

"My favourite thing is all the art work" Caitlin aged 4

A teacher had put a sticky note on Dominic's lunch box, Dominic runs to his teacher saying "look Miss Stefi, I have a parking ticket on my lunch box!"

A teacher asked the children to guess what she had for lunch that day, starting with the sound 'p'. 'Pandwiches' Thomas shouted excitedly!

At the school trip a parrot was making a lot of noise. "That parrot is making so much noise it's giving me a hangover!" William aged 4

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Term Dates

Terms dates are the same as private schools in Fulham.

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A day in the life at Zebedee morning nursery

Morning nursery school for 3-5 year olds, Monday-Friday 9.00 - 12.10pm.

8.55   Doors open
Assembly: includes date, day, month, weather, prayers, songs,
Register and choosing the helpers.
9.10   Topic Table
9.30   Table time (with key worker) including groupwork, bookwork, letter/number equipment, structured toys, pencil control.
10.20   Art work.
10.30   Bible time - bible story, songs, prayers.
10.45   Play time. Break - drink of milk and a small healthy snack.
11.55   Story and singing (action songs).
12.10   Pick Up

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Zebedee afternoon Nursery

Afternoon nursery school for 2-3 year olds, Mon - Thurs 1.30 - 3.30pm.
This is a very small group with 1 teacher to every 4 children. It provides an ideal, gentle introduction to nursery school and a good foundation from which the children can move on to the morning school. (We take children from 2 years old but sometimes children are not ready for school immediately they are 2, and therefore the teachers may advise entry in the following term.)

1.30   Doors open
Children go to their table and mums can touch base with the teacher.
Table time - Children do a page in their work books, a worksheet to take home and work on some structured toys.
2.00   Art time
2.15   Bible Time
2.25   Play time
3.20   Story and singing (action songs).
3.30   Pick Up

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Zebedee afternoon nursery for 4 year olds

There is an opportunity for children who are 4 (or nearly 4 years old) to stay until 3.15pm one or two days per week to help them prepare for their next school. The children bring a packed lunch and there are activities such as craft, cooking, project work, games, singing, stories and occasional outings.  

Additional activities throughout the week:
Music, Dancing (included in the fees)
Computers, French (extra)

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